Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Brown Journal of History comprises a group of undergraduates with a deep interest in highlighting the historical insights of the Brown community. Students interested in joining the BJH should refer to the ‘contact’ tab located in the menus above.


  • Noam Bizan ’22
  • Benjamin Pollard ’23
  • Emily Mayo ’24

Graphic Designer:


  • Sophia Ahn
  • Luke Angelillo
  • Tobias Berggruen
  • Jonah Boardman
  • Debra Burguera-Couce
  • Lila Cherneff
  • Benjamin Connor
  • Sophie Culpepper
  • Jason Daniel
  • Nam Do
  • Lucy Duda
  • Emma Eaton
  • Isaac Eng
  • Emma George
  • Liam Greenwell
  • Emory Hingorani
  • Kia Kating
  • Chanikarn Kovavisarach
  • Dai Lijin
  • Nikki Locklear
  • Michal Loren
  • Grace McClearly
  • Zoë Mermelstein
  • Eduardo Pena Gutierrez
  • Kanha Prasad
  • Malaika Rahimtoola
  • Shreya Rajachandran
  • Nicholas Rasetti
  • Brittany Ruiz
  • Sophia Saker
  • Amsel Saleem
  • Connor Sullivan
  • Marley Thompson
  • Theodore Vial
  • Angela Zhu

Senior Editors:

  • Paul Abrams
  • Daniel Betensky
  • Shreya Das
  • Aditya Kapur
  • Isaac Leong
  • Deborah Marini
  • Jessa Melea
  • Eliott de Montgolfier
  • Joon Nam
  • Benjamin Pollard
  • Zachary Reiss
  • Emma Schneider
  • Emilia Sowersby
  • Abby Wells
  • Parker Zane
  • Yudu (Ryan) Zang
  • Zoe Zimmerman

Senior Editors not only participate in the preliminary review process (i.e. all Senior Editors are also Editors), but also work directly with the authors of selected essays to revise and edit papers prior to publication. They provide suggestions for argument strengthening and additional research as well as help with organizational and grammatical errors.

Editors work in teams to read and analyze essay submissions in the preliminary review process. They use their knowledge of historical writing to rank submissions based on topic and thesis originality, thesis clarity, primary and secondary source engagement, and writing style. The editors’ feedback is the most important factor in determining essay selection. The Journal’s editors need not be History concentrators.

Academic Advisor:

  • Benjamin Hein