2020 Issue

The full 2020 issue of the BJH is found by clicking on the cover to the left. Individual articles can be read using the links below.

Achieving Agency through Ownership (Link)
How Antebellum Mistresses Derived Power from the Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Women
Aliyah Blattner

“A Problem of People” (Link)
Displaced Chinese in Hong Kong and the Ambiguities of International Law, 1947-56
Xiaoyu Huang

Continuities Amidst Change (Link)
Deforestation and Land Control in Late Choson and Colonial Korea
Karis Ryu

“There Are Just Two Things” (Link)
Ríos Montt, Justice, and the Meaning of the Law During and After the Guatemalan Civil War
Michael Flynn

Calculated Ideological Publishing (Link)
How the Business Interests of American Revolutionary Printers Transformed the Role of Newspapers
Zoe Magley

“According to the Fashion” (Link)
Elite Cultural Tensions and the Eighteenth-Century Russian Lubok
Emma George