2019 Issue


The full 2019 issue of the BJH is found by clicking on the cover to the left. Individual articles can be read using the links below.

First Aid in South African Gold Mines (Link)
Examining Laborers’ Right to Bodily Health through the Lens of First Aid Practices, 1920-1940
Gabriela Gil

The Modern Hypatia (Link)
A Tale of Tampons, Deviance, and Bodily Discipline in Feminism’s Second Wave
Kamren Gilbard

Bloodbath in Bengal (Link)
American Intervention in East Pakistan, 1971
Anuj Krishnamurthy

The Roots of Identity (Link)
Algerian Viticuluture and Its Relationship with France, From Phylloxera to the Regulations of the 1930s
Penelope Shao