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In line with Brown University’s mission to promote excellence in undergraduate scholarship, the Brown Journal of History was founded as a mechanism to share Brown history students’ research with the wider community. The Journal is composed entirely of undergraduate work, from the essays submitted through the editing, selection, and publishing processes. Unlike other journals, we do not solicit submissions from other schools or even from our own graduate students, making it truly a publication by and for undergraduates. Each paper, whether it be for the print Journal or for the webpage, was collected, made anonymous, and sent out to the Editors for review. Each paper was read by a number of editors to ensure that there are a few perspectives on each submission and to protect the integrity of the editing process.

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A S.W. View of the College in Providence 
Copperplate – 1795 
David Leonard, Class of 1792
* * *
This colorized copperplate engraving from 1795 is the first known image of Brown. The original campus comprised a single academic building that was later named University Hall. (Courtesy of the John Carter Brown Library)